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It has been a long time since I met you all ,hope all are fine . Thought of sharing with you all a short story which I was impressed when I read Just felt like sharing 🐣GRATITUDE CAN CHANGE DESTINY There was a small bird living in a desert.With no sign of greenery the birdContinue reading “Destiny”

10 Principles for peace of mind

Subject: 10 PRINCIPLES FOR PEACE OF MIND……… Life is long and full of challenges. Most of those challenges are internal, and depends on how WE choose to accept and interpert them. Our lives can go on very different paths, depending on what we do and how we look at what happens to us along theContinue reading “10 Principles for peace of mind”

Common Social rules

SOME COMMON SOCIAL RULES FOR BETTER RELATIONSHIP.(A better etiquette or mannerism collected) Don’t call someone more than twice continuously. If they don’t pick up your call, presume they have something important to attend to; Return money that you have borrowed even before the other person remembers lending it to you. It shows your integrity andContinue reading “Common Social rules”

How to manage stress

Top Habits that Help You Manage Your Stress . Get in the habit of gratitude.Our attitude comes from our emotions and our emotions come from our thoughts. Thinking about what we’re grateful for and what we’re good at can keep things positive. It’s not about shying away from what’s challenging you; it’s about approaching lifeContinue reading “How to manage stress”

How to get rid of Anger

Four levels of workplace anger 1 – Employee upset. Sensitive to criticism, and irritable. Displays “passive-aggressive” behaviors such as procrastination of work, expressing sarcasm, being late to meetings. 2 – Behavioral symptoms escalate. Angry remarks are expressed. Employee is openly critical of others and the company. More emotional, less rational. Absenteeism and tardiness is common.Continue reading “How to get rid of Anger”

Balance sheet of Life

BALANCE SHEET Of LIFE 🔺Birth is your Opening Stock. 🔺What comes to youisCredit. 🔺What goes from youisDebit. 🔺Death is your Closing Stock. 🔺Your ideas are yourAssets. 🔺Your views are yourLiabilities. 🔺Your happiness isyourProfit. 🔺Your sorrow is yourLoss. 🔺Your soul is yourGoodwill. 🔺Your heart is yourfixedAssets. 🔺Your duties are youroutstandingExpenses. 🔺Your friendship isyourhiddenAdjustment. 🔺Your character isyourCapital.Continue reading “Balance sheet of Life”

Self realization

One thing successful people refuse to do something for themselves. Let’s be real. Life is crazy hard sometimes! There’s no escaping that reality. It’s impossible to live well without encountering some level of struggle, and there are some seasons in our lives that are especially heartbreaking. May be there is a period of profound loss,Continue reading “Self realization”

We grew up

Somewhere between “Crying loudly to seek attention”and “Crying silently to avoid attention”,we grew up!! Somewhere between“Believing in happy endings” and “Accepting the reality”,we grew up!! Somewhere between“stealing eclairs of your sis” and “Bringing Silk for her”,we grew up!! Somewhere between“MS Paint” and “MS Excel”,we grew up!! Somewhere between“ Yay! I can write with a penContinue reading “We grew up”