How to get rid of Anger

Four levels of workplace anger 1 – Employee upset. Sensitive to criticism, and irritable. Displays “passive-aggressive” behaviors such as procrastination of work, expressing sarcasm, being late to meetings. 2 – Behavioral symptoms escalate. Angry remarks are expressed. Employee is openly critical of others and the company. More emotional, less rational. Absenteeism and tardiness is common.Continue reading “How to get rid of Anger”

Balance sheet of Life

BALANCE SHEET Of LIFE 🔺Birth is your Opening Stock. 🔺What comes to youisCredit. 🔺What goes from youisDebit. 🔺Death is your Closing Stock. 🔺Your ideas are yourAssets. 🔺Your views are yourLiabilities. 🔺Your happiness isyourProfit. 🔺Your sorrow is yourLoss. 🔺Your soul is yourGoodwill. 🔺Your heart is yourfixedAssets. 🔺Your duties are youroutstandingExpenses. 🔺Your friendship isyourhiddenAdjustment. 🔺Your character isyourCapital.Continue reading “Balance sheet of Life”

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