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Responding early and late

All problems are only due to two words “early” and “late” We dream too early.. And act too late.. We trust too early.. And forgive too late. We get angry too early.. And apologize too late. We give up too early.. And restart too late. We cry too early .. And smile too late. ChangeContinue reading “Responding early and late”

How to manage stress

Top Habits that Help You Manage Your Stress . Get in the habit of gratitude.Our attitude comes from our emotions and our emotions come from our thoughts. Thinking about what we’re grateful for and what we’re good at can keep things positive. It’s not about shying away from what’s challenging you; it’s about approaching lifeContinue reading “How to manage stress”

Small Stories #40

Good read!On a flight to Kuala Lumpur recently, I noticed a young girl of seven request the stewardess for orange juice. The stewardess was probably over-worked and responded quite curtly with ‘I will come by later if I remember’. The young girl smiled and got up to follow her to the galley. I noticed thatContinue reading “Small Stories #40”

How to get rid of Anger

Four levels of workplace anger 1 – Employee upset. Sensitive to criticism, and irritable. Displays “passive-aggressive” behaviors such as procrastination of work, expressing sarcasm, being late to meetings. 2 – Behavioral symptoms escalate. Angry remarks are expressed. Employee is openly critical of others and the company. More emotional, less rational. Absenteeism and tardiness is common.Continue reading “How to get rid of Anger”