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Nava Dwaraka

My recent Nava dwaraka trip along with Bav nagar koliyac Nishkalang Mahadev and Diu and Daman Gangeshwar Porbandar Kirti mandir and many other sub temples near Somnath , old and new Somnath temple and Nageshwar jyothirlingams. 

First day we saw Kankroli Dwaraka here the deity is Lord Krishna named Dwarakadesh. The significance of the temple here is every 1 hour the temple will be closed for 15 minutes to decorate the Lord and kept open for an hour and again the same thing repeats and it’s considered as Shyam bogh dharshan. We were lucky enough to see the arathy dharshan of the Lord Dwarakadesh. 

The next dwaraka was at Nathdwara named Srinath Dwarakadesh . In both the temples they follow the same Shyam bogh dharshan. Here a closed room with wooden doors with silver carvings are done and this room was considered sacred as Lord krishna himself has played here with his friends and there is a Balakrishna shrine too inside the temple complex. 

Both these temples are near each other within 15 to 20 kms distance in Udaipur Rajasthan . The roads are narrow from bus stop u can either walk r take a share auto they charge rs. 30 per person . Ladies and gents queue are seperate .

Second day we reached Ahmedabad we had the divine dharshan of Dakore Dwaraka Ranchhodraiji . Here u can aaram se worship the Lord . No pushing and pulling like those of the Udaipur Dwarakas there is a Goddess Mahalakshmi temple at a walkable distance after having the dharshan we left to gomti ghat by walk took a boat and went to Dhatatreyar temple at the other side of the bank . It’s like a island surrounded by water . Lord Ganesha Dhatatreyar lord shiva Hanuman Saibaba mandir was as sub shrines .

Third day Bav nagar we saw Nishkalang Mahadev beach temple . The uniqueness of this temple is the sea allows way to a certain timings to the worship the Lord Shiva . It’s about 2 kms one have to walk in the slush of the sea bed to enter the temple. There is a small well where we should wash our feet and then start doing pooja to the 5 lingas which is considered to be swayambu to rescue the pancha Pandavas from the guilt of killing their own cousins and relatives . There is a small shrine for Goddess Parvathi too . Walking in the slush is a great task . After lunch we again went n saw to our surprise the place where v did pooja was submerged intge sea along with the lingas only 1/4 portion of the domb with a flag hoisted was seen by evening again we started and reached Diu and Daman. 

Fourth day morning we saw Gangeshwar beach temple of Diu and Daman which consists of 5 lingas in a cave near the beach a serpent carved on the wall of the cave . Lord Ganesha along with 5 lingas and a Nandi, on the other side of the steps are lord Vinayagar sani mahadev and Goddess Parvathi on the walls .These 5 lingas were installed by the Pandavas and worshipped during their exile . Then we travelled and reached Somnath .

After refreshing in our rooms in Somnath we took a share auto about 7 of them in a auto and saw Gita mandir in Golokdham which consists of (Baladev gufa , Kashi Vishwanath Omkareshwar 65th peedathipathi Sri Vallabharcharya house and Lord krishna feet) . Surya Mandir Pandavas Mandir Hingalaj Matha gufa and Shardamath and then Sri Ram Mandir  .

Finally the arathy of Somnath Mandir the first and foremost of all 12 Jyothirlingams after the divine dharshan of Somnath opposite to it is an old mandir of Somnath. 

Fifth day after having breakfast we visited Balka Theerth  which is also known as Prabhas dwaraka . This is the place where a hunter named Jara hit Lord Krishna foot mistaking it to be a deer . The peepal tree where the lord rested is too here .Devotees were doing bhajans and adjacent to is is a Lord Shiva shrine . Next to this is a temple maintained by Brahmakumaris . The temple itself was in the shape of huge linga with a circular hall consisting of all God and Goddesses idols .

Next we visited Sudama Dwaraka it is said to be Sudamas resident . Sudama being a Brahmin and childhood friend of Lord krishna .The main diety being Lord Krishna with his consort Radha and Sudama with his consort Susheela. In ancient times this place has been called Sudamapuri .

Next we visited Kirti Mandir the birth place if Mahatma Gandhi ” the father of our nation “. It took more than a hour to see the full house where Mahatma was born.

Next we visited Mool Dwaraka . Mool means root . This place was the origin of Lord Krishna before he established in Dwaraka when he shifted from Mathura .The lord here is called as Ranchodraiji . There are seperate shrine of Lord shiva , Goddess Gayatri and many shrines this temple .

Then by evening we reached main Dwaraka in Gujarat . The Lord here is named as Dwarakadesh . Mobiles handbags footwear left in a lockers just with a purse we entered inside the temple. Here too seperate queue for ladies and gents . The main diety is Dwarakadesh and sub shrines for Balaramar Devaki matha under ground Lord Shiva shrine with his consort Parvathi and a mantap for adishankarachaya is present. The temple has a flag of 52 yards in length representing 52 yadava clan and 52 administrators worked under Lord Krishna with the colours of blue red yellow red pink white and saffron . The flag is hoisted 5times a day 3 times in the morning and 2 times in the evening section .We were lucky to have the arathy dharshan of the Lord. 

Sixth day morning we visited Rukmani Dwaraka on the banks of Gomti river with no buildings near it . It’s said without the dharshan of Rukmani dwaraka our Dwaraka visit is in complete . After the dharshan we went to the port to travel to Beyt Dwaraka.

We had to travel by boat by paying Rs. 40 per person up and down . After reaching the other side we had to walk 1km up the slope or else can use the cart facility for that they charge Rs.50 per person pulled by men . 

Beyt Dwaraka is said to be residence of Lord Krishna . The Lord here is called as Kesavaraiji and offering rice is very significant in this temple as Sudama offered rice to his childhood friend Lord Krishna . There are seperate shrines for Madhavaraiji Trivikramaraiji Ambaji matha Rukmani and Satyabhama . There is mantap for offering rice and a mantap for offering gold and silver and a pillar its believed those who hug and make a wish their desires come true .

Next we visited Nageshwarar Jothirlingam in Dwarka which has a huge 52 feet Lord Shiva statue and garden in the front . The main deity is the linga form with a serpent hood on it and closed with a glass dome . Inside the main sanctum backside of the lingam is Goddess Parvathi idol . Allowed inside the main sanctum at a entry ticket of Rs.200 . 

After the dharshan of Nageshwarar Jothirlingam we travelled to Gopi Talav .It is a sacred pond were the Gopikas after Lord Krishna moved from Brindavan to Dwaraka couldn’t bear the sorrow of missing him comes and emerges themselves along with Lord Krishna. 

After lunch took rest and finally saw Gomathi Ghat . This place has become one of the tourist attractions. Camel riding beach bridge entrance ticket they charge Rs 10 per person .

Final day on the way to airport saw Chotila Chamunda Mandir , the main diety being Chamunda devi the Kuladevi in some families of Gujarat. This temple is on a hill consisting of 700 steps ,we went only to foot hill temple and a Goddess Kali temple adjacent to it . 
By night we reached Ahmedabad airport and reached Chennai having the blessings of Lord Dwarakadesh .

Published by Ranjini Madhavan

Iam a homemaker who like to travel to spiritual places and like to share my spiritual tours , pictures and my personal tour experiences .Though am not expressive to put it in words thought it would be easy for others who likes to travel these places so that they may know what all places to be covered and a sweet memories for myself.

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