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Kankroli Dwaraka

My recent trip with Sanjay tours was Nava Dwaraka and Somnath Nageshwar Jyothirlingams and Nishkalang mahadev temple in Bavnagar and Gangeshwar temple in Diu and Daman .

I will be writing one by one about the temples I visited during this trip .

We along with 30 members from Chennai reached Ahmedabad had breakfast and travelled almost 280 kms to reach Udaipur.

Devotees of Bhakti Marg of the Vallabhacharya sect worship Lord Krishna in his many forms and from Mathura to Dwarka and other spots in Western India, there are Lord Krishna temples known as Dwarkadheesh temples. Dwarkadheesh is one of the titles of Lord Krishna meaning Lord of Dwarka. Dwarka is the top pilgrimage spot but there are also other Dwarkas, one of which is in Kankroli in Rajsamand District in Rajasthan.

This is one of the abodes of Lord krishna in Udaipur . Kankroli is situated at 65kms north of Udaipur in Rajasthan . Hence the Lord here is named as Kankroli Dwarakadesh .

Though it comes under one of the divyadeshams the way to this temple is very narrow and we went to the temple from the bus stop in a share auto as other vehicles couldn’t reach there . They charge Rs. 30 per person . Only one vehicle can go at a time . They drop us on the main arch of the temple .

It is a entrance arch where vehicles are parked and then has a steps of 15 to reach the main entrance and its decorated with flowers of different colours .

After entering the main arch is a set of steps . We were asked to wait about 15 minutes for the dharshan. Here the dharshan is called as Shyam bogh dharshan , which means they take 15 minutes to decorate the Lord with flowers and ornaments and leave it for 55 minutes for dharshan again the dharshan is stopped again and they take another 15 minutes to decorate the Lord .

This is a 3 storied mandir with a open space in the middle mural paintings on the wall of elephants with men on it and horses and bhajans were taking place by ladies .

When they opened the main diety door after decoration , all rushed as well as we too but waited in one corner and had the divine dharshan of Lord Dwarakadesh . The Lord here is just a feet height well decorated with flowers. There were steps in which cow and calf idol made of silver and Lords favourite things were kept .There were bhajans going on sung by ladies in the temple.

It is believed during winter they put campfire to soothen the chillness to the Lord and cover the idol with thermalwear . It was a eternal bliss . When the crowd was disbursed we once again had the dharshan of the Lord without much chaos this time .

Then we went to another shrine inside this temple complex itself with the idol of Radha and Lord Krishna . Here they gave milk offered to the Lord as prasadham to all . Then the next shrine which was the miniature of the main deity called as Mayuranathji .

Photography is prohibited allowed outside entrance of the temple . In the ground floor there is a temple office where we can pay donations and for other enquiries .

Legend of Kankroli Dwarka: According to legend the idol of this temple is very old and worshipped by king Ambareesha in the Treta Yuga. The idol was worshipped in Mathura in a temple built by king Vikramaditya till 1670 AD. When Aurangzeb attacked Vraja Bhoomi in 1670 AD, many temple idols were moved to safer places. Srinathji was moved to Nathdwara and Dwarkadheesh to Kankroli. Maharana Raj Singh is said to have built this temple in around 1676 AD. The temple located on the bank of the Rajsamand lake has a very soothing ambience .

The main arch
The main entrance
The view of the arch from inside the temple

Published by Ranjini Madhavan

Iam a homemaker who like to travel to spiritual places and like to share my spiritual tours , pictures and my personal tour experiences .Though am not expressive to put it in words thought it would be easy for others who likes to travel these places so that they may know what all places to be covered and a sweet memories for myself.

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