Sri Parthasarathy Perumal Triplicane

This sthalam is situated in Chennai , Tamil Nadu . This Kshetram is considered to be more divine in Thondai Naadu divyadesham temples . Specials :The great seven Munis (Saptha Rishis) – Brighu , Atthiri , Mareeshi , Markandeyar, Sumathi , Jaabali and Saptharomar performed Tapas (thavam) here and as a result of this , theContinue reading “Sri Parthasarathy Perumal Triplicane”

Thiru Yoga Narasimhar Sholingur

Thirukadigai or Sholingur is a village in Vellore district of Tamilnadu. The Lord here is Sri Narasimhar in Yoga posture .It is also known as kadikachalam. It is believed that Moksha is certain for those who stays for just 1 kadigai (24 minutes) at this place. Saptarishis desirous of having darshan of Narisimha performed tapas hereContinue reading “Thiru Yoga Narasimhar Sholingur”

Sri Neervannan Perumal Thiruneermalai

Sri Neervannaperumal Temple, Thiruneermalai is one among the 108 Divyadesams found in Chennai near Tambaram (Thondai Nadu). In this Sthalam, the Perumal is found in various positions as Nindraan, Irunthaan, Kidanthaan and Nadanthaan Thirukkolam. This Sthalam is situated in Tamil Nadu, Chengulpet District. We can reach the temple by travelling around 4 Kms from Pallavaram Railway Station,Continue reading “Sri Neervannan Perumal Thiruneermalai”

Sri Bhakthavachala Perumal temple Thiruninravur

Thiru Ninravur(திருநின்றவூர்)- Sri Bakthavatsala PerumalSri Baktavatsala Perumal temple is in the suburbs of Chennai, in a small town called Thiruninravur. It is one among the 108 divyadesams. The place derives its name from Goddess Mahalakshmi – Thiru means Lakshmi and Ninravur is the place where she stands forever. The moolavar of this temple is SriContinue reading “Sri Bhakthavachala Perumal temple Thiruninravur”

Sri Sthala Sayana Perumal Mahabalipuram

This temple is about 55 kms from Chennai in Mahabalipuram. This temple is one among the 22 Thondanadu divyadeshams . It is a small temple with 2 major shrines Lord Sthala sayana Perumal and Goddess Nilamangai Thayar .There is a seperate shrine for Lord Narasimhar also . It is the avatara sthalam of Boodathalwar .Continue reading “Sri Sthala Sayana Perumal Mahabalipuram”

Sri Vijaya raghava Perumal Thiruputkuzhi

It’s one of the thondanadu divyadeshams. This temple is 75 kms from chennai on the chennai ‐ vellore highway . The Lord Vishnu here is known as Vijaya raghava Perumal .Thirumangai alwar has sung song on this Perumal. It’s a Jatayu moksha sthalam. Sthalapuranam When Rama and Lakshmana were searching for Seetha after Seetha wasContinue reading “Sri Vijaya raghava Perumal Thiruputkuzhi”

Sri Nitya kalyana Perumal Thiruvidanthai

This place is 55 kms from chennai and 5kms north of crocodile bank . This is one among the Thondanadu divyadeshams and near to Sthala sayana Perumal temple . As per legends Kaalava Maharishi did deep penance worshipping Lord Vishnu . Lord Vishnu gave dharshan to him in this place and married his 360 daughtersContinue reading “Sri Nitya kalyana Perumal Thiruvidanthai”

Sri Azhaghiya Singa Perumal Thiruvellukai Kanchipuram

This temple is one of Thondanadu divyadesham in Kanchipuram near Sri Astabhujakarathan Perumal temple . Vel means wish irukai means seat . Since Lord Vishnu himself desired to sit in this place to help his devotees he is named as Thiruvellukai . Brighu Maharishi wished to see Lord Vishnu in Narasimhar avatar as he gaveContinue reading “Sri Azhaghiya Singa Perumal Thiruvellukai Kanchipuram”

Sri Vilakoli Perumal Thoopul Kanchipuram

This temple is in Kanchipuram and one among the Thondanadu divyadeshams . Once this place was with dense grass (dharbha) hence known as Thoopul . Thirumangai alwar has sung praising this Lord. This is the birth place of Vaishnava acharya Sri Vedanta desikan . He was a son of a childless couple and was bornContinue reading “Sri Vilakoli Perumal Thoopul Kanchipuram”

Sri Pandavathoothan Perumal temple Kanchipuram

This temple is 2.6km from kanchi kamakshi amman temple and walkable distance from Sri Ekambhareswarar temple . This place is also called as Padagam (Thirupadagam) . The Lord Vishnu here is in Lord Krishna’s form huge and 25 feet height in sitting position . As per legends during Mahabharata period when Sri Krishna visited asContinue reading “Sri Pandavathoothan Perumal temple Kanchipuram”

Astabhujakarathan Kanchipuram

This is also one of the divyadesham temples in Kanchipuram . The Lord Vishnu here is in standing position with 8 hands along with weapons . The Lord Vishnu is named here as Adhikesava Perumal , Gajendravaradan or Astabhujakarathan ( which means eight hands ) as astam means 8 in sanskrit . The Thayar nameContinue reading “Astabhujakarathan Kanchipuram”

Sri Varadaraja Perumal temple Kanchipuram

This temple is foremost of Thondanadu divyadeshams . 3 temples are most important for all Vaishnavaites . 1. Koil2. Perumal Koil3. Malai KoilKoil means Srirangam , Perumal koil means Varadaraja Peumal koil and Malai koil means Thirumala . Kanchipuram is famous for its temples . KA means Lord Brahma ANCHI means worshipped PURAM means cityContinue reading “Sri Varadaraja Perumal temple Kanchipuram”

Thirukalvanoor Kanchipuram

This temple of Lord Vishnu is inside the Goddess Kamakshi Amman temple in Kanchipuram . The Lord Vishnu is named here as Lord Adhivaragha Perumal and his consort as Goddess Anchilai Nachiyar . Though there is not a seperate shrine one could see this divyadesham Perumal in the pillars of Gayatri mandapam ( back sideContinue reading “Thirukalvanoor Kanchipuram”

Sri Parameswara Vinnagaram Kanchipuram

This temple is in kanchipuram and covers a area of 3 acres . It’s one of the Thondanadu divyadeshams . This temple is also called as mummudha koil . The Lord Vishnu in this temple is known as Lord Vaikunda Perumal or Paramapathanathan . Thayar name is Goddess Vaikunthavalli . Sthalapuranam : This region wasContinue reading “Sri Parameswara Vinnagaram Kanchipuram”

Nilathingalthundan Perumal Kanchipuram

This is one of the divyadesham Perumal ( thondanadu ) inside Lord Ekambareshwarar ( Lord Shiva ) temple in Kanchipuram .The moolavar is in standing position and also known as Chandra sooda Perumal . Thirumangai alwar has sung praising this Lord . Once in Kailasha Goddess Parvathi closes the eyes of Lord Shiva playfully ,Continue reading “Nilathingalthundan Perumal Kanchipuram”

Sri Pachaivannar Pavalavannar temples Kanchipuram

These 2 temples are opposite to each other in the same street of Kanchipuram and are very near to Kanchipuram railway station. Both together are considered as one divyadeshams of Thondanadu . PACHAIVANNAR Here the Lord Vishunu is green colour in sitting posture on Adhiseshan referred as Maragatha Vannar ( maragatham means emerald ) .ThisContinue reading “Sri Pachaivannar Pavalavannar temples Kanchipuram”

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