Kollur Mookambigai temple

After having dharshan at Hosanadu Annapurneswari went to Kollur Mookambika Temple – source of all powers .

Shri Mookambika is one of the most legendary shrines for Hindus in India. It is the only temple that is dedicated to Goddess Parvathi in the form of Mookambiga (as she slayed down demon Mookasura) and is believed to be created by Parashurama.

Goddess Mookambiga temple is located exactly on the banks of the perennial river Souparnika, that runs close to the foot hills of the Western Ghats. River Sauparnika has its attribute to the eagle called Suparna, that did penance in this bank and attained salvation.

The history of Kollur Mookambika temple states that, there lived a demon named Kaumasura who was unleashing a reign of terror upon all the gods with his special power given by Lord Shiva. When all the gods were trying their best to stay away from his vicinity, Guru Shukracharya brought good news to the gods, that this demon would face death by a woman, that is Goddess Parvathi Devi. Knowing this, Kaumasura undertook severe penance worshipping LordShiva , and Lord Shiva asked this demon for the boon, sensing grave danger that, if he offered the boon, this Goddess of speech (Saraswathi) would make Kaumasura dumb.

Hence this Kaumasura came to be known as Mookasura (mooka means to be dumb). Thereafter Devi mobilised all the powers of the gods and then this demon was killed by Kollur Devi Parvathi. She was hence called Mookambikai. This place where Devi killed Mookasura is known as Marana Katte.

The Kollur Devi thereafter became the deity of this place, offering her blessings to all who sought her. She poses with all her radiance along with the shank (conch)and chakra in both her hands sitting in the padmahasana posture.

Significance of Swayambhulinga

The Suyambulinga (self evolved Linga) at Shri Mookambika temple, is said to have come into existence when Parameshwara drew the chakra with his toe. This chakra is believed to be the Udhbava Linga, which has drawn its strength due to its proximity to all divine beings. It is also very sacred, since Kollur Devi is supposed to be merged with this Suyambulinga and that has made her acquire great power.

Here she is said to have formed, as a part of Linga along with Lakshmi and Saraswathi on one side and Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Parameshwara on the other side. Apart from this, there is also a carved image of Shiva believed to be injured, during the clash with Arjuna known as Kiratharjuna and this is on the right side of this Suyambulinga.

The history of idol installation at Kollur Mookambika temple is nearly 1200 years old. When Acharya Shri Sankara first came to this place, there was a Swaymabu Linga worshipped by Kola Maharshi. On close observation, Acharya Shri Sankara found that Ambica too was in the Linga invisibly. He mediated upon the Goddess sitting at a place close by. Mother Shri Mookambika appeared before Acharya and blessed. Mother Mookambika’s idol was made based on the picture that appeared in Shri Sankara’s mind. No abishek is performed to Mother but to Linga only. Other alankaras(decorations) are done to the Goddess. There is a golden line in the middle of the Linga, visible to the devotees only during abishek. With such divine features, the Shiva Linga grants huge benefits to the devotees, equivalent to worshipping millions of deities. The temple has also the Shri Chakra installed by Shri Adi Sankara. As Kola Maharshi worshipped here, the place came to be known as Kollur.

As a tradition, the doors of the temples are kept closed during the
eclipse period, but this temple is an exception. Poojas continue even during eclipse times. Brahmmacharis are not allowed to perform poojas in the temple. As Mookambika is but mother Saraswathi, prayers are submitted by devotees for gaining knowledge, wisdom and excellence in educational pursuits.

Many of the local Kings have given lots of donations to this Temple. Prominent among them are the Kings of the “Keladi Dynasty”. They have been offering a variety of worships to the Goddess. Prominent Kings of the Keladi Dynasty, Sankanna Nayaka and Shivappa Nayaka had renovated the Temple and gave donations for the maintenance of the Temple. The Kings of keladi Nayak
Dynasty had believed that the Goddess is the symbol of victory. As such whenever they would win a war or drive away their enemies they were devoting the victory and celebrating it before the Goddess.

Utsava Moorthi is placed at the Saraswathi Mantapa, and naivedya with Beaten rice, coconut. After that , Mangalarathi and Ashtavadana Seve Vedaghosha, Sangeetha, Shruthivadya, Sarvavadya. Once it is over Shree Devi will be taken inside the Temple .

Also, for nature lovers, the Aanejhari Butterfly camp 5 Km from the temple sounds to be an interesting place!

Many private lodges are also available

The temple offers free food to everyone who visits the temple. Free food is served both during lunch and at night. The food is very tasty and a must have for everyone. Apart from the temple food, you can also find some small budget hotels which offer decent food

The nearest city is Mangalore, which is 140 Km away. Udupi is 80 Km away.

further information this temple

The temple chariot
Main entrance
Side entrance of the temple

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