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Dakore Dwaraka Ranchhodraiji

Dakore  is a Small City and a Municipality in Kheda district in the state of Gujarat, India. It is prominent for its grand temple of Shree Ranchodraiji.

This temple has 4 entrance
Simha dwar, ghode dwar , tiger dwar and elephant dwar . All are allowed through Simha dwar .

This temple in Gujarat , like those 2 ( kankroli Dwarakadesh and Nathdwara Srinathji ) temples of Rajasthan , we need not hurry to this temple as it is open from morning till 7.30 pm in the evening . We reached by 5 pm and had the divine dharshan of the Lord, ladies were sent near the main deity. Men’s queue are backside of the ladies . Outside is a Thulabharam ( balance ) where we were asked to place tulsi leaves . There were 2 huge tomb like structures for lighting lamps during the festivities .

The form of Lord Ranchodrai is that of the Lord Vishnu with four arms. As is usual with Lord Vishnu, he bears the conch, lotus, discus and the mace in his hands. The lower right arm is held up in the abhaya mudra – giving protection to all those who come to Him. There may be a lotus imprinted on the hand, but it is impossible to confirm that without getting really close to the Lord. As the Lord here is worshipped more as Krishna than Dwarkadhish, i.e. younger and freer than the mature Lord of Dwaraka, His right hand is often shown to hold a flute – a favorite instrument of the Lord in His younger days. The upper right hand holds the mace, the upper left hand holds the discus and the lower left hand holds the conch. Ordinarily, it is difficult to see these “ayudhas” of the Lord in His hands. During festivals, the hands encased in gloves of gold studded with gems.

Near by is a Goddess Mahalakshmi temple. Inside the pragharam there were Lord Hanuman shrine and Lord Shiva shrines too . We had the divine dharshan of the Goddess.

Then we had to walk a few distance from Dakore dwaraka to the Gomathi ghat caught a boat and went to see Dhatatreyar temple . The Dhatareyar temple too there were shrines for Lord Shiva Anjineyar and Saibaba. Boating was so awesome in the chill breeze after dharshan we went on a chariot driven by a horse it was so much fun . The chariot drivers had much fun than and they were laughing at us as we were afraid to climb on the chariot . Again by boat we reached the Gomathi ghat did some shopping and reached room .

Entrance of Ranchodraiji mandir
Inside of Ranchodraiji mandir
Lamp tomb of Ranchodraiji mandir
Entrance of Mahalakshmi mandir
Roof of Mahalakshmi mandir
Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi in Mahalakshmi mandir
Gomathi ghat
Boating to Dhatatreyar temple
Dhatatreyar temple
Entire view
Hanuman temple in Dhatatreyar temple
View from Dhatatreyar temple
Chariot horse riding
Look at us
Horse riding boy making fun of us

Published by Ranjini Madhavan

Iam a homemaker who like to travel to spiritual places and like to share my spiritual tours , pictures and my personal tour experiences .Though am not expressive to put it in words thought it would be easy for others who likes to travel these places so that they may know what all places to be covered and a sweet memories for myself.

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