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Sri Soundararaja Perumal temple Nagapattinam

From Mayavaram it is 40 kms to Nagapattinam .

This temple is one among the 108 Divya Desams dedicated to Lord Vishnu and one among Cholanadu divyadeshams . Lord Vishnu is worshiped as Soundararaja Perumal and his consort Lakshmi as Soundaravalli .
Lord Soundararaja Perumal is believed to have appeared for sage Markandeya , Dhuruva , Saleesan and the Hindu god Bhoomadevi .
The present day Nagapattinam is believed to have been a forest , historically named Sundararinyam .
It is believed that two eunuchs , Kandan and Sukandan , attained physical fitness after having a holy dip in Sara Pushkarani , the temple tank . Lord Brahma , started worshiping Vishnu at this place . Lord Vishnu is believed to have appeared on the auspicious day of Masi Maham on the banks of Sarapushkarani . On account of the glow emanating from Masi Maham, Vishnu at this place was called “Azhagiyan”. Since he had a glittering skin , he was called “Soundara Rajan”, meaning the most beautiful and his consort was called Soundaravalli . Since the king of Nagars (snakes) , Adhiseshan  worshipped Lord Vishnu at this place , the place was called Nagar Pattinam , the place of Nagars .

As we stayed in Mayavaram , we started early and saw Vishwaroopa dharshan in this temple .

Thirumangai Alwar has sung imagining himself as a lady and Lord Soundaraja Perumsl as his lover .

Published by Ranjini Madhavan

Iam a homemaker who like to travel to spiritual places and like to share my spiritual tours , pictures and my personal tour experiences .Though am not expressive to put it in words thought it would be easy for others who likes to travel these places so that they may know what all places to be covered and a sweet memories for myself.

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