Anegudde Vinayagar temple Kumbakshi

Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple, Kumbashi is in Kundapur taluk, Udupi District, Karnataka.

From Gokarna Mahabaleshwar temple we reached this temple by 3 pm as there was a special pooja being performed the temple was opened.

Kumbashi is a small village situated in kundapur (32 km from Udupi). As per the legend when there was a drought in this place Sage Gowthama (some references say Agasthya) was doing varuna yagna to appease the rain Gods at that time a demon named Kumbasura used to trouble him. In the same time Pandavas were passing by this place. Sage asks for help from Pandavas. Yudhistira asks Bheema to kill the demon.

Bheema fights with demon but fails as the demon was very powerful. At that time a heavenly voice informs Bheema that Kumbasura can be killed only by asi (sword) obtained from Ganesha. Bheema worships lord Ganesha and Ganesha appears in the form of an Elephant and gives him the sword with which Bheema kills Kumbasura . Hence this place was called Kumbashi.

The temple is situated on a hill which was previously called as Nagachala. It is believed that lord Ganesha in the form of Elephant gave darshan to Bheema in this place. Hence it was later became popular as Anegudde (In kannada Aane means Elephant and Gudde means hill).

There is Mahalingeshwara temple at the base of Anegudde. Vinayaka temple shares a close connection with this temple. The water of Mahalingeshwara temple (believed to be Ganga) is used for the Abhisheka of Vinayka of Anegudde.

According to legend Ganesha was given a task by Parvathi to find a place for the flow of Ganga in south. He comes to this place in the form of a Novice with a cow. Sage Gowthamas ashram was here. The cow dies in front ashram.

Pained by the incidence Gowthama prays to lord Shiva to send holy Ganga from his matted hair. Shiva sends holy Ganga and Gowthama collects the Ganga in his Kamandal (A type of vessel carried by sages) Gowthama sprinkles holy water on the cow and gives life to it. Ganesha’s purpose is also served . A small kumba shaped well is found in Mahalingeshwara temple.

As per devotees the idol of Ganesha is the same one which was worshipped by Bheema. But the present temple is only around 150 years old. And there is a very interesting legend about the same.

A Brahmin named Vishweshwara Upadhyaya lived in Korgi village five miles away from Kumbashi. He used to visit Mahalingeshwara temple (Anegudde) every day and take holy dip in the temple pushkarni. One day a young boy appeared in his dream and told him that he is hungry. He led him to Anegudde (his regular path) and disappeared near a stone.

Next day when Vishweshwara Upadhyaya visited the temple he saw the same stone and saw that the flowers were falling on the stone and cows were emptying their udder on the stone. He started worshipping the stone by doing Abhisheka from the water of Mahalingeshwara temple pushkarni (which is still followed).

Seeing his devotion people of Kumbashi gave him a place to live and he constructed a small shrine made up of muli (hay) and installed the stone deity and continued his worship. The temple took the present form after the death of Vishweshwara Upadyaya. His decedents are the main Archakas (hereditary priests) of the temple.

The idol of the deity is Swayambu (appeared on its own) and neerakara (without any definite shape). According to some devotees the stone has the features of Ganesh’s trunk.

You can see this form only at dawn before Abhisheka and in noon around 11.30 before Mahapooja (I was lucky today to have seen this form of lord) .Usually we see Vinayaka in this temple with golden face and silver body parts .

There is one more interesting observation is that till 11 o clock in the morning the Gods idol is decorated and you see him in standing posture and after that throughout the day the deity is decorated and seen in a sitting posture

Vinayaka of Anegudde is considered as Sarva Siddhi Pradhayaka (provider of all boons). Devotees flock this temple. Ganahoma and Rangapooja are offered by the devotees to the God.

For more details do visit this link

The temple serves delicious Annaprasadam to the devotees every day. The doors of the temple are open from 6.00am to 9:00 pm.

Those who buy new vehicles perform pooja in this temple and we witnessed 2 to 3 poojas for vehicles done in front of the temple .

Anegudde Vinayagar temple
In front of the Anegudde Vinayagar temple

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