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This temple is one of Thondanadu divyadesham in Kanchipuram near Sri Astabhujakarathan Perumal temple . Vel means wish irukai means seat . Since Lord Vishnu himself desired to sit in this place to help his devotees he is named as Thiruvellukai . Brighu Maharishi wished to see Lord Vishnu in Narasimhar avatar as he gaveContinue reading “Thiruvellukai”

Pandavathoothan Thirupadagam

This temple is 2.6km from kanchi kamakshi amman temple and walkable distance from Sri Ekambhareswarar temple . This place is also called as Padagam . The Lord Vishnu here is in Lord Krishna’s form huge and 25 feet height in sitting position . As per legends during Mahabharata period when Sri Krishna visited as anContinue reading “Pandavathoothan Thirupadagam”

Sri Varadaraja Perumal

This temple is foremost of Thondanadu divyadeshams . 3 temples are most important for all Vaishnavaites . 1. Koil 2. Perumal Koil 3. Malai Koil Koil means Srirangam , Perumal koil means Varadaraja Peumal koil and Malai koil means Thirumala . Kanchipuram is famous for its temples . KA means Lord Brahma ANCHI means worshippedContinue reading “Sri Varadaraja Perumal”

Pachaivannar Pavalavannar

These 2 temples are opposite to each other in the same street of Kanchipuram and are very near to Kanchipuram railway station. Both together are considered as one divyadeshams of Thondanadu . PACHAIVANNAR Here the Lord Vishunu is green colour in sitting posture on Adhiseshan referred as Maragatha Vannar ( maragatham means emerald ) .ThisContinue reading “Pachaivannar Pavalavannar”

Thiruvellarai Pundarikaksha perumal temple

This is one among the cholanadu divyadesham , its said to be older than Srirangam and is a moksha sthalam , so those who visits Pundarikaksha perumal once in their life time will attain moksha . Periyalwar and Thirumangai alwar has sung praising this Lord .The Thayar name is Goddess Senbagavalli . Location : its 20kmsContinue reading “Thiruvellarai Pundarikaksha perumal temple”