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Pachaivannar Pavalavannar

These 2 temples are opposite to each other in the same street of Kanchipuram and are very near to Kanchipuram railway station. Both together are considered as one divyadeshams of Thondanadu .


Here the Lord Vishunu is green colour in sitting posture on Adhiseshan referred as Maragatha Vannar ( maragatham means emerald ) .This is a small temple .
Its said Lord Rama appeared before Brighu Maharishi .

Brighu Maharishi raised many questions regarding Rama avatar why Rama allowed Lanka King Ravana to abduct his wife Goddess Seetha and why he seeked others help as Lord Rama himself was capable of rescuing Goddess Seetha from Lanka King Ravana .

Lord Rama explained to him that his RAM avatar was to make people understand how to lead a dharmic life , the right path , respecting elders , unity between brothers and his good emerges victorious at the end over the evil . It was none other than Lord Shiva who took the form of Lord Anjineyar and Adhiseshan as Lakshmanan .

As he appeared as Lord Rama in this place Brighu Maharishi obliged for the dharshan of Adhiseshan so Adhiseshan appears here as a jyothi (naga Deepam) in the shrine of the Goddess .

Devotees offer tulsi and green clothes to this Lord to avoid the negative effects of mercury ( Buthan ) .


Here the Lord Vishnu is coral red in colour (coral means pavalam in tamil) also known as Paramapathanathan . The moolavar is in sitting posture on Adhiseshan and the thayar name is Goddess Pavalavalli Thayar . Thirumangai alwar has sung praising this Lord .

Visiting both Lord Pachaivannar and Lord Pavalavannar is considered as worshipping Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi .

Goddess Pavalavalli Thayar has a seperate shrine in this temple . Usually Srichakra is installed opposite to Thayar temple or near by here its installed inside the shrine itself . Here the Thayar blesses in 3 forms as Goddess Lakshmi , Chakrarupini and as Goddess Seetha .

Pachaivarnar temple
Pavalavannar temple

Pachaivarana Perumal temple

Today ( 6.1.2020 ) being Ekadesi decided to go to Lord Vishnu temple as last year went to Thirukachi Nambi temple in Poonthamallee , this time wanted to visit Pachaivarna Perumal temple in Agaramel village near Nazarath pettai , Thiruvallur district in Tamilnadu .

This temple is between Poonthamallee and Thirumazhisai .

Though we are near could not make up in the early morning due to rains and heavy traffic after 8am so went in the evening .

Admist the very busy Poonthamallee high road is a calm and quiet Agaramel village of Nazareth pettai .

This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu . Moolavar is in sitting posture with Goddess Sridevi and Bhumidevi. The Lord Vishnu is named as Harithavarna or Pachaivarana Perumal and Haritha means green in sanskrit . The consort of this Lord Pachaivarna Perumal is Goddess Amruthavalli .

Sthalapuranam : when the elephant named Aswathama was killed in Mahabharata battle , Yudhistra shouted Aswathama was killed loudly and uttered the elephant . Dronacharya ( Dronacharya’s sons name too was Aswathama ) was distracted and shocked . Using this opportunity Dronacharya was beheaded by Dritadyumna ( Draupadhi’s brother ). As Yudhistra lied to get rid of this sin he asked Narada . Narada asked him to pray Lord Vishnu . So Yudhistra performed yagna at this site , a green colour elephant ( which was the Lord Vishnu himself ) appeared before him and relieved Yudhistra from his sin . Yudhistra requested the Lord Vishnu to stay here and bless all his devotees .

Historic importance of this place is Mudaliyandan avatara sthalam. Born to Ananda Narayana Dikshithar and Nachiyaramma , who was the sister of illustrious Sri Ramanujar , Daasarathi was his name Mudaliyandan was the name given to him by Sri Ramanujar . He along with Koorathalwar was a prominent disciples of Sri Ramanujar .There is a seperate sanctum to Mudaliyandan acharya here .

Had divine dharshan went through Parampadhavaasal and came home with his blessings.

The other shrines in this temple are Lord Sriranganathar , Goddess Andal , Lord Rama Lakshman Seetha and Lord Anjineyar .

Pachaivarna Perumal temple entrance
From inside the gopuram
Andal sannidhi
Sriranganathar with Sridevi and Bhumidevi
Anjineyar sannidhi
Paramapatha vaasal
Hanumantha vahanam
Garuda vahanam
Gaja vahanam
Sesha vahanam
Horse vahanam
The main gopuram along with the main deity gopuram


It’s one of the thondanadu divyadeshams. This temple is 75 kms from chennai on the chennai ‐ vellore highway . The Lord Vishnu here is known as Vijaya raghava Perumal .Thirumangai alwar has sung song on this Perumal.

It’s a Jatayu moksha sthalam.

Sthalapuranam When Rama and Lakshmana were searching for Seetha after Seetha was abducted by Ravana the Jatayu (a huge eagle ) fought against Ravana to rescue Seetha . Ravana cut the Jatayu’s wings and he fell down . When Rama came to this place Jatayu tells him that Seetha has been abducted by the Lanka King Ravana and pleads Lord Rama to do his final rituals and dies . Lord Rama having Jatayu on his lap agrees to do his final rituals hence this place is known as Jatayu moksha sthalam . As there was no water to do the final rituals Lord Rama with his arrow created a spring , its known as Jatayu pushkarini . Thiru denotes honour pul means bird pit means kuzhi thus this place got the name Thiruputkuzhi .

During the final rituals of Jatayu on his left of Lord Rama with Goddess Lakshmi on his right lit the pyre Goddess Lakshmi couldnot bear the heat of agni so comes to left side of the Lord and Andal to the right . So here Andal is on right and Thayar is on left .

The Thayar name is Maragathavalli thayar . Married ladies wanting for a child boon take bath in the Jatayu pushkarini and worship Maragathavalli thayar the priest here gives them roasted pulses which they tie in their saree and sleep over . Morning if the pulses are sprouted it’s a significant of having child boon soon .

On new moon day people come here to give tharpanam .

Thiruputkuzhi vijayaraghava Perumal temple entrance
Pragharam of Thiruputkuzhi temple
Near Thayar sannidhi


Pandurangar ( Lord Krishna) is the main deity of Pandarpur . He is also known as Vithalla or Vithoba and his consort as Rukmani .

Pandarpur is on the banks of chandrabagha river in Sholapur district of Maharashtra .

The uniqueness of this temple is one could touch the Lord Pandurangars feet and its known as padha sparsha dharshan .

Ashada and karthiga ekadesi and during Jenmastami rituals are done in a grandeur manner and lakhs of devotees come to get the blessings of Lord Pandurangar .

Here the Lord Pandurangar stands with his hands on his hip enjoying the bhajans of his devotees .

Here the lord is swayambu and there is a story behind it . Once Pundalik on his way to kashi asks Kukkut maharishi to guide him Kukkut Maharishi says he has not been to Kashi so he could not help him hearing this Pundalik teases him “being such wise and old you dint visit Kashi yet” Kukkut Maharishi did not react . Pundalik sleeps that night in Kukkut Maharishis ashram and next day morning he sees 3 women cleaning the ashram , when he finds the 3 women are the 3 rivers Ganga , Yamuna and Saraswathi , he asks them why you come to cleanse the ashram as this wise man has not yet been to kashi . The 3 rivers replied piousness spirituality and devotion does not depend on costly rituals but depends on performing ones Karma (fulfilling ones duties and responsibilities) correctly . Pundalik realizes his mistakes , he has left his elderly parents at home and was on the way to Kashi to attain moksha . He returns back and serves his parents with much devotion . Lord Pandurangar wanted to test him . So one day he visits Pundalik house and calls him Pundalik throws a stone and ask the Lord to stand on that ( he did not know its the Lord Pandurangar himself has come to see him) as he was feeding his parents . In the service to his parents Pundalik forgets thoroughly he has asked to wait , when he remembers he sees Pandurangar himself standing on the stone he asks for forgiveness. Lord Pandurangar pleased by his devotion towards his parents gives a boon . Pundalik asks Lord to stay there itself and bless all those come to see him .

There is a mandir of Pundalik too in Pandarpur .


Vishnupad is a temple on the banks of Chandrabagha river just 5kms from Lord Pandurangar temple . It’s a open massive hall with 16 pillars . Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu in different postures are being carved on the pillars .


Sakkubai mandir is in Gopalpur 2 kms from Pandarpur . Sakkubai was a holy woman who worshiped Lord Krishna of Pandharapur. She was ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. She was married to a cruel family , where everyone ill treated her . But she was stuck to her homely duties and was finding happiness only in worshiping the Lord. One day , she plans to visit Pandarapur, but her in-laws ties her to a pillar. Lord krishna comes in the form of a woman , and releases her. He lets her go to Pandarapur and takes the form of Sakkubai and stays at home. Sakkubai visits Pandarapur and immediately after the darshan , she dies and gets released from the bonds of life . One of her neighbour seeing her dead does her cremation there . Meanwhile the Lord Pandurangar at Sakkubhai home does all the household works . The neighbour comes from Pandarpur seeing Sakkubai says she’s a devil as he only did her final rituals after her death . Meanwhile Rukmini, the consort of Krishna, re-creates Sakkubai, with her yogic power, and this Sakkubai gets Immortalized , blessed by Lord . The whole family then realizes that the Lord himself was in the place of Sakkubai and asks for forgiveness and becomes Lord Pandurangar’s devotees . The household of Sakkubai and chakli she used for grinding are still kept in the temple .


The museum here is little fascinating , once entered till the exit is like a maze going 4 steps up and 4 step down so those who enters take a water bottle so that you are not exhausted before you finish as you can’t come away half way back . Beautiful and colorful idols of Gods will take 2 hours to finish .

This is the posture of Pandurangar and Rukmini in Pandarpur as photography is prohibited this we took this photo in Lord Hanuman temple on the way from museum .
Foot prints of Lord Vishnu
The carvings on the pillars Vishnupad
On the roof of Vishnupad
Chandrabagha river
Lord Anjineyar temple near Vishnupad
Entrance of Sakkubai mandir
Inside of Sakkubai mandir
Household of Sakkubai
Tombs of Sakkubai mandir
Entrance of the museum
Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi in museum
Idols of Lord Brahma Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva
Idols in museum
Pandarpur museum
Pandarpur museum
Pandarpur museum

Namdev was an ardent devotee of Lord Pandurangar . One day his mother asks him to complete the ritual of “neivedya” (any food made in the house is first offered to God, the ritual of placing the offering plate before the deity and sprinkling water and flowers around the plate and with a prayer to God). Namdev faithfully does “naivedya” and waits for God to appear and take the offerings . But he is disheartened. He keeps praying and requests God to come in person and accept the offering. With no answer , the child starts banging his head at the feet of God. Seeing this utmost devotion and innocence of the child , God appears eats the offering and blesses Namdev. Namdev asks for being present in the “first step” at His temple, so that his innumerable devotees will touch him before having the “darshan” (view).  Thats why first step of Vittal Rukmini temple is called “Namdevachi Payari”  and one of the entrance to Vittal Mandir is also dedicated to Namdev’s name .

Entrance in the name of namdev

Navaneetha Krishnan temple Doddamallur

This temple is in Bengaluru to Mysore highway .

It’s an ancient temple . Here the main deity is Lord Vishnu known as Ramaprameya and his consort Aravindavalli Thayar .

I travelled from Bengaluru in bus got down in channapatna bus stop from there took a auto to this temple . It’s just 3 kms from Channapatna bus stop .

This is a prathana sthalam in the pragharam is an idol of Navaneetha Krishnan in crawling posture with butter on a hand . Those couples , wanting for a child boon offer butter to this Navaneetha Krishnan and keep their prayers . Once their prayers are answered , they do butter abhishegam to this Navaneetha Krishnan . Such a cute idol with a beautiful eyes with butter in one hand in a crawling posture .

Jenmastami is celebrated in a grandeur manner in this temple with festivities commencing before a month .

Childless couples from various states come here to offer butter to Navaneetha Krishnan and to get his blessings .

Near this temple are shop that sell wooden toys wall hangings indoor games and art pieces I bought nadavandi (walker) for my grand daughter .

The arch of Navaneetha Krishnan temple Doddamallur
Navaneetha Krishnan temple Doddamallur
Side view of the temple
The image of Navaneetha Krishnan
pic courtesy Temple Folks page in FB


This is a Lakshmi Narasimhar sthethram , here the diety is santha swarupi .This place is 55 kms from chennai in Thiruvallur district. The main diety here is Lord Narasimhar with Goddess Lakshmi on his lap and in a alinganam posture .The idol of the Lord Narasimhar is about 8 feet and the thayar named Maragathavalli is about 5 feet both together in veetrirundha (sitting) posture .

The Garudan opposite to the Lord Narasimhar has 16 serpents on his body as ornaments , hence this is the prathana sthalam for naga doshas and sevvai dosham peoples.

The Lord Narasimhar here hugs closely ( alinganam ) the Goddess Lakshmi (Maragathavalli Thayar) those who has problems in their married life by seeking the blessings of this Lord Lakshmi Narasimhar will be relieved of those problems .

Entrance of Lakshmi Narasimhar temple
The main gopuram
Andal sannidhi


This is a pilgrimage place in Kurnool district in Andrapradesh .

It’s the jeeva sammadhi of Raghavendra swamy , (its believed that Raghavendra swamy was born as Prahaladh in his first incarnation).This holy place is also called as Brindhavan .

The temple is serene and divine . There is Lord Hanuman idol opposite to Raghavendrar Brindhavana its said first to seek the blessings of the Hanuman then to worship Raghavendra Swami as the idol of Hanuman is installed by Raghavendra swamy himself and his jeeva sammadhi is too made out of the same stone .

The temple has 3 chariots- wooden, silver and gold every day by evening 7pm the three chariots comes around the temple and there is a manchallamman temple inside this temple and they allow us to show arathy to the Amman by ourselves.

After visiting Mantralaya one should see Pichalaya the place where Raghavendra swamy after attaining moksha appeared to Appanacharya his first and foremost disciple on the banks of Tungabhadra.

Near this place is Appanacharyas house to see .

Panchamukhi Anjineyar temple is a swambu Anjineyar temple just 10 kms from Mantralayam . This place is where Raghavendra Swamy was in penance for many years . At the back of Anjineyar temple is Yerukalamma temple the krama devatha of this village .

Poojyaya Raghavendraya Satya Dharma Ratayacha,
Bhajatam Kalpavrikshaya Namatam Kamadhenave

Entrance of Mantralayam
Entrance to Sri Raghavendra Brindhavan
In front of Mantralayam this we took a year earlier
Entrance of Manchallamman temple
Appanacharya house
Inside Appanacharyas house
Inside Appanacharyas house
Entrance to Pichalaya
In front of Kallur Mahalakshmi temple
Kallur Mahalakshmi temple

From Hampi we travelled to Mantralayam on the way we visited kallur Mahalakshmi temple .

Panchamukhi anjineyar temple

Navabrindhavan Anegundi

After Hampi visit we reached Anegundi a small village .

Anjanadri hill is a small hillock in Anegundi ( the birth place of Lord Hanuman ). Nearby is a Durga mandir and Pampasarover a sacred pond opposite to it is a Goddess Mahalakshmi temple , Lord Ramar padham , seetha padham and Sabari padham are there in this temple .

Food and night halt was arranged in vaibhav guest house opposite to Raghavendra mutt .

Early morning we started to Navabrindavan ,which is the jeeva sammadhi of nine Madwa saints from Anegundi. It is a small island,can be reached by a ferry ride . Our tour organizer had arranged for abhishegam so by 7 am we were ready and in a motor boat we reached Navabrindhavan enjoying the scenic beauty on the banks of Tungabhadra river .

The nine Madwa saints names are

  1. Padmanabha theerthar
  2. Kavindra theerthar
  3. Vyasa theerthar
  4. Vyasaraja theerthar
  5. Rama theerthar
  6. Raghu or Jaya theerthar
  7. Srinivasa theerthar
  8. Sudhindhar theerthar
  9. Govinda theerthar

Along with these saints jeeva sammadhi there is a Lord Anjineyar temple and a Sriranganathar temple .

The other side of the nava brindhavan is a Lord Hanuman temple named avatara Hanuman . The idol face is like a Hanuman ,body like Bheeman in yoga pose with a script and pen in his hand of Madwacharya .

Pooja rituals were done by this time we lighted the lamps and came nine rounds around the nine jeeva sammadhis (without crossing the yellow line drawn). No one is allowed inside the caution line it’s better to go in traditional dress both men and women .

Padmanabham kavindracha vyakeesam vyasarajakam raghuvaryam srinivasam rama theertham thathavacha
Sri sudhindracha govindham nava brindhavanam bhaje bhajeThis slogan has all the nine madwa saints names .

Do visit this calm serene n divine Navabrindhavan your wishes and dreams will become true as I have experienced myself.

Lord Ramar and Seetha padham
Sabari padham
In front of Mahalakshmi temple
Durga mandir
Early morning ferry ride to Navabrindavan
Anjineyar temple in Navabrindhavan
Sriranganathar temple in Navabrindhavan
Avatara Hanuman temple in Navabrindhavan
This is how the idol looks of avatara Hanuman
Sri Raghavendra swamy mutt in Anegundi
Sriranganathar temple Anegundi
Sriranganathar temple Anegundi

There is a Ranganathar temple too in Anegundi we worshipped there too and left to Mantralayam.

That’s how our day 2 at Hampi ended.


It was our long term dream to visit Hampi . We visited Hampi in June 2018.

As we are from Chennai we travelled to Bengaluru in train ,from Bengaluru to Hospet, we reached Hospet early morning from station we travelled by jeep to Heritage group of Hotels to freshen up, took bath in the sacred river Tungabhadra near Virupaksha temple .

Virupaksha temple the main significance is that the shadow of the gopuram falls upside down at the back entrance wall of the temple . The main deity is Lord Shiva and his consort is goddess Pampadevi . There are seperate sannithis for Goddess Durga, Lord Hanuman , Goddess Lakshmi. Near the dwajasthambam there are 3 Nandis in this temple . Everyday the pooja and rituals are done here. This temple is built in such a way at the backside of the main sanctum there is a wall ,the shadow of the main gopuram falls inverted on the wall .

After worshipping the Virupaksha temple we went to Ugra Narasimhar and Badavi Lingam temple which are adjacent to each other ,all attacked by invaders and remains ruined .No pooja rituals are done here .

Then we visited Vithalla mandir they took us in a battery car for that they charge Rs . 20 and entry ticket being charged 40 per person . Here is the famous stone chariot of Hampi and the musical pillars.

This temple is not under worship the main deity is absent and no clear information about it .
Though the main gopuram is half destroyed some renovation works were been undergoing . With this we took a lunch break .

Virupaksha temple
3 Nandis of Virupaksha temple
Inside Virupaksha temple
Shadow of the gopuram in virupaksha temple
Ugra Narasimhar
Badavi lingam
Chakra theertham
Kothandaramar temple Hampi
Idol of Ram Lakshman and Seetha in Kothandaramar temple Hampi
Idol of Hanuman in Kothandaramar temple Hampi
Yantharo tharaga Hanuman temple
This is how the steps are for yantharo tharaga Hanuman temple from Kothandaramar temple
Vithalla mandir Hampi entrance
Famous stone chariot of Hampi
Vithalla mandir
Vithalla mandir Hampi
Vithalla mandir Hampi
Vithalla mandir Hampi
Vithalla mandir Hampi

After 3 pm we visited chakra theertham through trek and coracle ride reached the other side visited Kothandaramar temple , Surya Narayanan temple and Yantharo tharaga Hanuman temple .

Its said Lord Rama met Lord Hanuman at this place hence this Kothandaramar temple is built .

Yantharo tharaga Hanuman temple is a few steps ahead of Kothandaramar temple and Lord Hanuman is in yoga position inside a yantra surrounded by 12 monkeys ,one monkey catching the other tail which came in the dream of Vyasarajar ( a Madva saint) who installed this Yantharo tharaga Hanuman idol and slogan .

Throughout the roads we travelled we were able to see carved stones and could imagine how those times tradings were done . There are many places of interests like Queens bath , Elephants stable , row of shops much more feeling amazed by the royal ruins of Hampi we left to Anegundi .

One can plan Hampi visit along with Badami Aihole and Pattadakal .

Musical pillars of Vithalla mandir Hampi


Iam sharing my Ahobilam trip experience which I went in April 2017. It was a very adventurous trip. I and my hubby went on a group tour with 27 persons. My friends also accompanied us.

Ahobilam is one of the 108 divyadeshams , situated admist the dense nallamala forest .

Ahobilam is situated in the allagadda Mandal in kurnool district of Andrapradesh.

It is a holy abode of Lord Narasimha. It’s a nava Narasimhar sthethram. Narasimhar is the 4th incarnation of Lord Vishnu ( man with lion face ). A must visit temple for all vaishnavites though it is adventurous.

There are totally 9 forms of narasimhar in Ahobilam. Lower Ahobilam has 3 narasimhar temples and upper Ahobilam has 6 narasimhar temples.

Sthalapuranam : As the legend says Lord Vishnu took Narasimha avathar to rescue Prahalad from his father King Hiranyakashibhu. When Prahalad worships Lord Vishnu , King Hiranya gets irritated as he wanted himself to be worshipped as Lord by all , ( King Hirayan gets a boon after doing deep penance to Lord Brahma that no human or animal , morning or night , He should not be killed by any weapons in Earth or Sky ) King Hiranyan asks Prahlad “why do you chant OM NAMO NARAYANA, where is your Lord Narayanan ? Prahalad replies my Lord is present in pillars as well as in dust. Annoyed by this answer King Hiranyan hits a pillar , “Is there your Narayanan here?!”, Prahalad replies Yes.
As Hiranyan hits the pillar, a lion faced avathar of Lord Vishnu comes out of the pillar and lifts Hiranyan put him on his laps and tears his stomach with his sharp claws and pulls out his intestines and puts as a mala (garland).

The pillar from which the Lord
Narasimhar appeared is called as
Ugra sthamba and daily rituals are done here. Its very steep but some people do make it those who go by doli could not see this .

After killing King Hiranyan the Lord Narasimhar washes his hands in a pond which is called Raktha kund.
Though the water is red , when we lift in hands or in a container the water looks colourless.

The 9 forms of Narasimhars are

  1. Pavana Narasimhar
  2. Bharghava Narasimhar
  3. Chatravadha Narasimhar
  4. Yoganandha Narasimhar
  5. Karanja Narasimhar
  6. Ugra Narasimhar
  7. Jwala Narasimhar
  8. Krodha Narasimhar
  9. Malola Narasimhar

Pavana narasimhar and Bharghava Narasimhar can be reached by forest department jeep by paying Rs.200 per person . Yoganandha Narasimhar Chatravadha Narasimhar and Karanja Narasimhar by the van .

The roads are horrible and very risky only a fore wheeler zeep will be apt for both Pavana Narasimhar and Bharghava Narasimhar.

To reach Bharghava Narasimhar temple one has to climb nearly 125 steps .

Karanja Narasimhar, Yoganandha Narasimhar and Chatravadha Narasimhar are easily accessible by good roads . Its advisable to finish these temples on the first day and upper Ahobilam the next day.

The upper ahobilam requires a lot of trekking but we took doli facility.
For doli they charge Rs. 3000 per person for to and fro (as of year 2017).

In lower Ahobilam there’s a seperate temple as Prahaladha Varadhan temple .

Next to Yoganandha Narasimhar temple is a shrine with all Nava Narasimhar with their urtsavar along with the related navagrahas . Those who can’t make to upper Ahobilam can have the dharshan of the Nava Narasimhar here .

Its is believed that the 9 forms of Narasimhars relieve us from navagraha dosham

1 .Ugra Narasimhar or Ahobila Narasimhar gives courage. It is worshipped for Guru . ( Jupiter )

In front of Pavana Narasimhar temple
In front of Bharghava Narasimhar
Pavana Narasimhar
Zeep ride to Pavana n Bharghava Narasimhar
Route map of Nava Narasimhar sthethram
Chatravadha Narasimhar
Urtsavam at Prahaladha Varadhan temple
Sculptures in the pillars of Prahaladha Varadhan temple
Jeep path
Yoganandha Narasimhar
Krodha Narasimhar
Ugra sthambha
Ugra Narasimhar
The zeep routes to Pavana Narasimhar temple
Beautiful sculptures in the Prahaladha Varadhan temple
Raktha kundh

2 . Yoga Narasimhar rescues us from all difficulties and unfavourable energy of Sani . (Saturn)

3 . Jwala Narasimhar gives us success good health and removes hurdles in marriage. This is for Sevvai . (Mars)

4 . Bharghava Narasimhar bless us with leadership qualities. Worshipped for Suriyan . ( sun )

Doli facilities
Pond near Bharghava Narasimhar
Jwala Narasimhar
Karanja Narasimhar
Malola Narasimhar
Krodha Narasimhar

5 . Krodha Narasimhar success in land disputes and real estate business. For Raghu .

6 . Pavana Narasimhar liberates his devotees from sins committed in the past and present life ,Buthan ( Mercury )

7 . Malola Narasimhar he is full of love and compassion and clears our depts Sukiran . ( Venus )

8 . Chatravadha Narasimhar art music and for stable economy .Kethu .

9 . Karanja Narasimhar fulfills all our desires and protects us from our enemies .Chandran ( moon )

Thirumangai alwar has sung praising this Lord.

Slogan of Lord Narasimhar :
Ugram veeram mahavishnum jwalantham sarva thomugham nrushimham bhishnam pathram mrityur mrityur namma yaham

one should definitely visit this nava Narasimhar sthethram once in their life time and get the Lord’s blessings .

Anjanadri hill anegundi

Anjanadri hill is a small hillock in Anegundi(small village just 5 kms from Hampi)which is the birthplace of Lord Hanuman.

The view from the top of the hill is awesome. The view of Tungabhadra river flowing, paddy and plantain trees all over.
It is a very scenic and breezy place .
All the Hampi river side ruins can be viewed from top.

There are 575 steps to reach the temple.The steps are though uneven it’s well protected as there are lots of monkeys .One should plan to climb either in the early morning or in the evenings before 6 pm ( closing time of the temple is 7 pm )

On top of the hill is a small gopuram with an Anjineyar , Anjanadevi (mother of Lord Hanuman) , Lord Ram and Lakshman with Seethadevi temples are there. Daily pooja and bhajans are being done .

On the walls of the temple
Anjineyar temple
Ram lakshman with Seethadevi
Anjana devi temple
The view from top

Thiruvellarai Pundarikaksha perumal temple

Pundarikaksha perumal

This is one among the cholanadu divyadesham , its said to be older than Srirangam and is a moksha sthalam , so those who visits Pundarikaksha perumal once in their life time will attain moksha . Periyalwar and Thirumangai alwar has sung praising this Lord .The Thayar name is Goddess Senbagavalli .

Location : its 20kms from Srirangam ,Trichy

Sthalapuranam says that once King Sibbi (fore father of lord Rama ) comes with his army to kill the Lanka King Ravana , a white pig distracts him and his armies. Annoyed by this the King orders His army men to kill the pig first. The pig hides in 5 places and finally enters into a anthill in which Markandeya Maharishi was in deep penance. Markandeya Maharishi disturbed by this pig  asks King Sibbi to pray Lord Vishnu . A invisible voice is then heard saying the time to kill Ravana has not come yet and asks King Sibbi to build a Vishnu temple over there and Goddess Lakshmi ( as Goddess Lakshmi was also in penance worshipping Lord Vishnu in this place ) should be given first rights in all festivities thus Goddess Lakshmi ‘s wishes too were fulfilled and granted moksha to Markandeya Maharishi .

Only in 3 divyadesham temples the Thayar is given priority over the Lord
1. Nachiyar koil Vanjulavalli Thayar    Thirunarayoor
2. Srivilliputhur Andal
3. Thiruvellarai Senbagavalli Thayar

The temple pond is in Swasthik shape here and is called as Swasthika well , is an architectural marvel .

The temple has 2 entrance Uthrayanam and Dakshinayanam . Mid January to mid July Uthrayanam entrance will be opened and from mid July to mid December Dakshinayanam door will be opened.

Ulagalantha perumal

Ulagalantha perumal,Kanchipuram is one of 108 divya desham of Lord Vishnu nearby the famous Kamakshi Amman temple .

Here the lord is of a huge idol 35 feet height and his left feet is lifted to 28 feet high.

The sthala purana says the King Mahabali promised to give 3 foot of land to Lord Vamanar(Vishnu’s fifth avatar who was like a dwarf) . Vamanar took vishwaroopam and measured with his 1st foot – the whole of pathalam was surrendered,Lord kept his next foot lifted high to measure the Mel logam(heavens) and when Lord asked where to measure the 3rd foot ?,the King Mahabali bowed his head infront of the Lord and asked Him to keep His foot on his head and surrendered himself before the Lord.

Though the Moolavar of this temple is not a divyadesham deity , It is a divyadeshams sthalam consisting of 4 divyadesham Perumal in the ul-pragharam .

  • Thiruneeragam
  • Thiruooragam
  • Thirukaragam
  • Thirukarvanam


This temple is one of the divyadeshams and is in the ulpragharam of Ulagalantha Perumal temple itself . This comes under thondanadu divyadeshams.

Thirumangai alwar has sung pasuram glorifying this Lord .

Ooragam means snake . The Lord Vishnu has manifested in the form of Adhiseshan ( five headed snake ) in this temple and has a seperate sannidhi . So The Lord gets this name Thiruooragathan .

Here the thayar name is Amudhavalli .

Sthalapuranam When Lord Vishnu took Vishwaroopam Mahabali was not able to see as he was bowing before the Lord to keep his leg for the 3rd foot . So Mahabali prayed Lord to show his Thiru vikrama dharshan ( Ulagalantha ) for several years pleased by this the Lord appeared in this posture , as the Lord was towering Mahabali was not able to see the Lord fully again . So the Lord appeared before him as Adhiseshan .


This is also one out of the 4 divyadeshams inside the Ulagalantha Perumal temple .

Thirumangai alwar has sung the glory of this Lord .

This temple comes under thondanadu divyadeshams .

The legend behind this divyadesham is neer which means water . Lord Vishnu gives dharshan in this temple as Jagdishswar Perumal symbolizing just like water he is equal to all living beings .Thus he got the name Thiruneeragathan and his consort is Nilamangai valli .


This temple is also a thondanadu divyadeshams inside the ulpragharam of Ulagalantha Perumal temple, Kanchipuram .

The Lord name is Karunakaran . Thayar name is Padmamani or Ramamani .

Thirumangai alwar has sung pasuram about this Lord .

Karuna means mercy kaar means black clouds . Just like black clouds gives rain , this Lord Karunakaran shows love abundantly to his devotees without expecting anything .

He gave dharshan to Karga Maharishi in this shrine .


This temple is also a thondanadu divyadeshams inside the ulpragharam of Ulagalantha Perumal temple, Kanchipuram .

The Lord name is Karunakaran . Thayar name is Padmamani or Ramamani .

Thirumangai alwar has sung pasuram about this Lord .

Karuna means mercy kaar means black clouds . Just like black clouds gives rain , this Lord Karunakaran shows love abundantly to his devotees without expecting anything .

He gave dharshan to Karga Maharishi in this shrine .

Ulagalantha Perumal temple Kanchipuram
Ulpragharam Thirukaaragam