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Good relations

Good relations are those:
“Who care” without hesitation. “Who Remember” without limitations.and “Who remain the same”
even without communication..!

Response is one of the powerful weapons to occupy a place in someone’s “HEART”.

So always give the best response to the people who care for you. A relation is not how long we been together, not how much we give or take, not how many times we talk, its all about how we value each other.

Published by Ranjini Madhavan

Iam a homemaker who like to travel to spiritual places and like to share my spiritual tours , pictures and my personal tour experiences .Though am not expressive to put it in words thought it would be easy for others who likes to travel these places so that they may know what all places to be covered and a sweet memories for myself.

9 thoughts on “Good relations

  1. Yes. How we value , how we care without expecting anything in return. The world would be a far better place. Even a warm smile ๐Ÿ˜Š would make a such a difference, wouldn’t it ?

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  2. We shouldn’t be caring much about the number of friends surrounding us, it should be all about the quality of friends that we have. And if we care,it is needed that we show it at times because distance might blur memories. Therefore it is necessary that we stay connected with the people that we care about and vice versa.

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